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Nov 3, 2012 12:00am EDT
in ohio. this morning i was in youngstown and youngstown, we produced the chevy cruz. that's a gm product that is the direct result of the president's intervention to bail out the automobile industry. >> as a former commander yourself, how do you think the president's done this week in >> i think he's done extremely well in terms of his sympathy and empathy for the groups, his visit. i think he was smart not to go into new york city, where it's too congested, too many problems. i think he's also done well in terms of showing the power of the office by just the latest move of having the military assist in delivery of fuel. it also shows up the hollowness of governor romney, his flip-flopping. for example, on the issue of fema, he was suggesting months ago that maybe you don't need a federal emergency management agency, maybe you can just let each state fend for itself. now, imagine where we would be if someone had actually taken that advice and killed fema. you would have new york, new jersey, each fighting with each other for scarce resources, for fuel, for power, for electric lin
Oct 30, 2012 3:00am EDT
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Nov 4, 2012 12:00am PDT
cash infusion from president bush. months later when gm and chrysler asked pour more taxpayer money, congress refused. so the president did it on his own. >> we cannot and must not and we will not let our auto industry simply vanish. >> and he went against the advice of his own -- some cases, his own advisers. >> he bailed out the auto industry anyway in a wildly unpopular move opposed by nearly three quarters of americans. as well as his future republican opponent mitt romney. at first the restructuring of the industry cost thousands their jobs. >> when you look at everything from the auto bailout which was very unpopular at the time. if i'd been leading with emotions or had my political hat on, we might not have done, but saved a million jobs. >> ultimately, the bailout saved jobs and it provided the industry a safety net. but the president was not effective at selling it. >> it would be great if you were sitting down for an hour-long lecture in a classroom but not necessarily try to sell it to the public. he doesn't think in sound bites. >> while the president pushed forward on h
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)